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Bruce Bracker, Sworn in as Santa Cruz County Supervisor, representing the 3rd District, which includes Tubac, some of Rio Rico and Sonoita.  Sworn in at the County Complex at approximately 3:38pm (notice the clock on the wall) on Tuesday, January 3rd.  Actually, in this photo, all of the County elected officials and the elected Nogales officials were all sworn in together, at the same time. Presiding Judge, Tom Fink, instructed them to Raise their right hand and repeat the oath, and to insert their name and office verbally as they took the oath.  This was a first for Mr Bracker but the other two Supervisors, Manny Ruiz, standing closest to the judge and Rudy “Bugs” Molena, and Bruce Bracker.

Manny Ruiz, the Chairman of the Board for this year, expressed his delight for the packed hall and asked the attendees to continue to come to Board meetings, which are held the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month, convening at 9:30am.

Congratulations to all… but I am particularly excited to have such a responsible, knowledgeable, local Tubac resident, representing the 3rd District.

Follow these pages. You’ll hear more from Bruce from time to time. I will encourage him to communicate with all of us, mostly via video. He’s an exceptional man and very well suited for the job. You’ll know more about the Board of Supervisors than you’ve ever known before.


Russell Palmer