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Okay… we learn something new every day. What did I learn? I learned WHY home ownership matters. NAR_Button_HOM_1013alt

Typically we think that home ownership matters because we got a good deal. Or that we got a good rate (and there are plenty of people out there that have stopped looking because the rates have gone over 4%… sounds ridiculous to those of us who used to pay 7 to 12% !!)  I went to a class last week for a Real Estate Class… we realtors are required to take continuing education classes and listen to the same stuff over and over and over, every couple of years. My newest best friend, Teresa Barnaby, was teaching this class . She asked, “Why does Home Ownership Matter?” “Because it’s the American Dream,” said my inner voice.

Teresa answered her own question, “The average home owner lives an additional seven year longer than those that don’t own a home.” WOW!” said my inner voice. That’s much better than anything the health food industry has to offer… and probably cheaper. What the heck, you have to pay rent somewhere, said my inner voice.

— Russell Palmer

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